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Christmas Light Installation
2 hr | Prices Vary
Every Christmas Light Installation sold 12 toys are donated to Surrey Christmas Bureau to help underprivileged children.
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Interior Gutter Cleaning
1 hr 30 min | Prices Vary
We don’t use pressure washers so theres no mess afterwards. We take all the garbage with us and make sure we rinse everything after the main debris is taken.
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Power Washing
3 hr 30 min | Prices Vary
We pressure wash decks, driveways and fences.
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Roof Cleaning Vancouver
Roof Cleaning
7 hr | Prices Vary
Pressure washers can damage your roof so we clean every tile by hand and then sweep it into garbage bags.
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Exterior Gutter Cleaning
1 hr 30 min | Prices Vary
We do not pressure wash when we clean exterior gutters and use soft fabric brushes.
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Window Washing
1 hr 30 min | Prices Vary
We use di-ionized water so theres no streaks on the windows. In addition to cleaning the glass of the windows we also clean the frames and the sills.
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Exterior of house in suburbs
Full Property Cleaning
5 hr 30 min | Prices Vary
Window Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Soft Wash Siding.
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Siding Cleaning
3 hr 30 min | Prices Vary
We do not do any power washing to vinyl siding and clean the whole house using soft fabric brushes. It takes more time and effort but it does a much better job and wont damage the Siding.
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Lawn Alteration
30 min | Prices Vary
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There are a variety of services we provide at Aztec Maintenance; all of which have a 100% workmanship guarantee. We do not collect any money upfront and only collect payment once the job is completely done. We use top of the line equipment to provide safe work and to meet industry standards in quality. 

Roof & Gutter Cleaning

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